20 Minutos

Zaragoza, SpainFounded in 1999

20 Minutos is a print and online Spanish daily newspaper based in Madrid with 14 editions in other major Spanish cities.

The daily publication covers the local economy, politics, sports and world news for a national and global audience. 

  • Fernando de Yarza-López MadrazoPresident
  • Encarna SamitierDirector
  • Jesus MoralesAssociate Director
  • Alejandro HerreraDeputy Director
  • Raúl RodriguezDeputy Director
  • Melisa TuyaChief Editor
  • Pablo SegarraChief Editor
  • Héctor M. GarridoChief Editor
Courtesy of 20 Minutos.
20 Minutos

Best Practices Policies

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The publication's objective is to offer its readers truthful and quality information, primarily focusing on national current affairs. 20 minutos says it has a commitment to fair and free journalism and expects its reporters to carry out with impartiality, rigor, precision, a critical spirit, humility and tolerance.

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The publication says its editors are committed to independent, factual, rigorous reporting and opinion-free journalism that best serves its citizen audience. 

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Ownership & Funding

20 Minutos is owned and operated by Henneo, a private media and technology capital company. Its majority shareholder is the Yarza family.

The publication's income comes from the sale of its papers, advertising, event sponsorships, promotions and other sources of additional income. It also has sources of public revenue from institutional advertising, technological R&D subsidies and more. 

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Diverse Voices

The publication strives to have a variety of opinions. It is common practice to offer opposing opinions on the same matter and its policy states it is also a daily requirement to include all the points of view affected in the published topics, regardless of where they are based. The objective is to provide readers with enough information so they draw their own conclusions, and to arouse social debate on matters of general interest. 

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Any reader can contact the newsroom if they believe information published in the paper is inaccurate and causes them harm. Corrections will only be exercised on factual reports, not on published opinions or value judgments that are not the responsibility of the newspaper. Errors made will be corrected as quickly as possible and will be shown at the bottom of the article.

Correction requests can be sent to 20minutoseditora@20minutos.es and redaccion@20minutos.es. If you wish to send a letter to the director, you can do so by sending an email to zona20@20minutos.es.

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Unnamed Sources

The publication's journalists have the right to keep the identity of their sources secret if there is a request for confidentiality. Professional secrecy is regulated by the Spanish Constitution and is a guarantee of freedom of the press. Still, anonymity is reduced to strictly necessary cases and must be clearly argued. The publication generally publishes all its sources to guarantee the veracity and transparency of its reporting and remain credible.

The editorial board of the newspaper ultimately chooses whether to grant anonymity depending on the justification provided by the reporters and editors of the story. 

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