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Amazônia Real

Manaus, BrazilFounded in 2013Trust Project news partner since

Amazônia Real has a large network of investigative reporters along the Amazon region covering environmental issues and giving visibility to indigenous and riverside populations.

Amazônia Real says it advocates that traditional populations be protagonists of their own narratives, producing workshops focused on identity and belonging in the Amazon region.

It also aims to defend the values ​​of equity, equality and diversity, combating violence against women and the LGBTQ+ community and all other forms of inequality.

Courtesy of Amazônia Real.
Amazônia Real

Best Practices Policies

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Amazônia Real publishes exclusive reports in five areas: environment, Indigenous Peoples, agrarian conflict, politics, economy and business and culture. Its mission is to produce ethical and investigative journalism, based on the issues of the region and its people. Its editorial approach is aimed at defending the democratization of information, freedom of expression, press freedom and human rights.

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Amazônia Real says it believes in the free exchange of accurate, fair and complete information. The policy directs its employees to act with transparency, honesty, integrity and independence, including acknowledging cases of conflicts of interest, if and when they exist.

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Ownership & Funding

Amazônia Real is a nonprofit news agency funded by organizations such as the Ford Foundation, Google News Initiative, Open Society Foundations and individual donors.

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Diverse Voices

Amazônia Real's policy argues that social groups such as Indigenous Peoples, traditional populations such as quilombolas (Afro-Brazilian residents of settlements originally funded by Black individuals who resisted slavery), riverside dwellers, fishermen, babassu coconut breakers and rural workers, environmental activists, environmentalists, and women and men of the forest are subjects and protagonists of their own narratives, without the need or interference of mediators.   

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When errors occur, Amazônia Real has an ethical policy to make corrections immediately, from mistakes in spelling of certain words, names and dates, to possible errors in newsgathering.             

The site says acknowledging errors is key to maintain the trust of its readers. The policy is to communicate clearly which information has been corrected or updated at the end of the original news piece. 

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Unnamed Sources

Amazônia Real's policy is to  attribute all the information received, making it clear to the public its origin, except in cases where the interviewees may be at risk of exposure. 

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