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San Juan, Puerto Rico, United StatesFounded in 1970Trust Project news partner since

El Nuevo Día is a print and online daily newspaper published in Puerto Rico in Spanish. 

It aims to produce quality journalism from newsgathering to the publication of impartial news, focusing on matters of public interest. It pledges to be at the service of its audience, providing high quality journalism and vital information that can enrich the lives of Puerto Ricans. It is also intent on to be voice of Puerto Rico with reporting that holds power to account, provides solutions to everyday problems and serves as a platform for the voiceless. 



Nuevo Día

Best Practices Policies

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El Nuevo Día pledges to produce extensive news coverage including investigative, multiple perspectives stories stories, in-depth interviews, opinion and entertainment in various platforms and formats. It is also intent on transmitting democratic and cultural values ​​that help forge a more just society, serving as a reference point of what is happening in Puerto Rico and in the world, helping news users to understand and have informed opinions.

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El Nuevo Día aims to act with honesty  and independence in order to produce journalism that is both accurate and clear to its audience.

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Ownership & Funding

El Nuevo Día is controlled by GFR Media, a media conglomerate owned by the Ferré Rangel Group and focused on journalism, content creation, digital businesses and events.



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Diverse Voices

El Nuevo Día is intent on living up up to values that promote the inclusion and plurality of voices and opinions, as well as the free exchange of ideas between different individuals with multiple origins, interests and worldviews. In this sense, El Nuevo Día is intent on practicing an inclusive employment policy to better reflect the Puerto Rican society.


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El Nuevo Día pledges to correct errors as soon as they are detected. It aims to publish corrections, clarifications and updates, including the date and time of the amendment. It also pledges to promptly correct minor errors, such as misspelling, on its digital platforms.



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Unnamed Sources

El Nuevo Día says it strives to publish information obtained through trustworthy, identifiable sources. It also says it limits the publication of information obtained through unnamed sources to circumstances in which they request anonymity for fear of retribution. El N Nuevo Día's unnamed sources policy pledges that its journalists work to corroborate the reliability of unnamed sources as well as information they provide. El Nuevo Día also says that it only publishes information obtained through unnamed sources that is vital to newsgathering and it is not opinion content nor speculation. 

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The Trust Project

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