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El Periódico de Catalunya serves its region and Spain as a whole with coverage of people, the planet and progress it says is progressive, secular and pluralistic.

El Periódico emphasizes human, social and economic rights. It declares itself open to all kinds of opinions and ideas that are expressed respectfully, as long as they do not incite violence or subversion of the rule of law and respect for rights and freedoms. Its editorial stance supports inclusive capitalism. 

The newspaper publishes online and in print, in both Spanish and Catalan. 

Courtesy of Periódico de Catalunya.
Periódico de Catalunya

Best Practices Policies

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El Periódico positions itself as defending a market economy system based on competition, performance and a broad distribution of private property, in which public powers correct imbalances and guarantee the rights and freedoms of all citizens, without discrimination of any kind. 

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The newsroom's policy is that all information must be obtained through honest methods and that its reporting be rigorous and well-founded according to the principles of journalism contained in the Codi Deontològic de la professió periodística a Catalunya. News is always differentiated from the opinion. It says advertising will be clearly distinguished from both. The policy protects against conflicts of interest between the publishing company and the journalistic work of the newsroom.

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Ownership & Funding

Since June 2019 the newspaper has been part of the Prensa Ibérica publishing group. Funding comes from the sale of copies of the print publication, subscriptions, advertising and public grants. Through this diversity of funding, El Periódico aims to maintain editorial independence from the influence of companies and administrations.

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Diverse Voices

El Periódico covers a diverse society. For this reason, the newspaper tries to reflect this diversity in its editorial staff, management staff and team of collaborators by not discriminating on the basis of age, sexual identity, communities, disability, language, and other demographic differences. El Periódico says it places special emphasis on working to achieve parity in the management staff, the editorial board, the newsroom, opinion spaces and news coverage. 

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El Periódico journalists are expected to adhere to quality standards and editing processes. In the event of errors, the policy is to post corrections and clarifications as soon as possible.

Both in its print and digital editions, El Periódico has a space open to the public for rectifying or qualifying incomplete or erroneous information. Corrections are shown online at the bottom of the story and marked with the date of the correction. 

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Unnamed Sources

El Periódico journalists should inform readers about the sources of their information in a clear and unambiguous way. In the case of confidential information, the journalist has a legal obligation to protect its source and can, therefore, hide their identity. Even so, the policy says it encourages editors to attribute the news to a source in order to support credibility, provided that said source is not put at risk. Information from anonymous sources should be confirmed by other sources that can be identified, whenever possible.

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