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O Povo is a daily newspaper published in Fortaleza, the capital city of the northeastern Brazilian state of Ceará. Founded in 1928, it is one of the largest newspapers in the region.

O Povo aims to produce fact based, non partisan journalism to encourage civil political debate and critical spirit. O Povo values the following principles: democracy, freedom, justice, ethics and modernity.





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Best Practices Policies

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O Povo vows doing its best to publish accurate information throughout its coverage. It is committed to investigate claims with skepticism, but to interview sources with unarmed spirit, questioning assumptions, defying common sense and checking information with experts.

O Povo also aims to do its best to identify sources. The use of source confidentiality, a constitutional guarantee in Brazil, requires, however, that the checking of information be even more more rigorous than information with clearly identified sources.

Ownership & Funding

O Povo is controlled by a private equity company O Povo Group, founded in 1928 by the Rocha Dummar family and managed by them to this day. The company has no shareholders outside the family. 

Currently, O Povo Group is managed by management is carried out by president Luciana Dummar and vice-president, João Dummar Neto, great-grandchildren of the founder, Demócrito Rocha.


O Povo aims to tell readers when errors are made, as well as the magnitude of the error. it also vows to correct the information as quickly as possible, explaining the error made and publishing the correct information, as well as the date of publication.

Such commitment and respective transparency in its execution are applicable to both small and large information errors, both for news summaries and long texts.

Unnamed Sources

O Povo has policies to resort no anonymous sources only in strictly necessary circumstances an when the anonymous information is critical to newsgathering.

It also allows its journalists to work anonymously only when this work is essential for the proper performance of their duties, such as when testing public and private services or when reporting in conditions that would jeopardize journalists. Undercover reports must be approved in advance by the editorial team.



The Trust Project

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