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Hong Kong, Hong KongFounded in 1903Member since

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The South China Morning Post is a daily newspaper based in Hong Kong reporting on China and Asia.

The South China Morning Post covers news, politics, culture, business and economics, in Hong Kong and China. The newspaper was first published in November 1903 by Tse Tsan Tai and Alfred Cunningham. It was founded during the Qing dynasty. The papers mission is to lead the global conversation about China. The South China Morning Post is part of First Draft's community of practice, which brings together social platforms, newsrooms, professional associations, research labs, and universities to find and test shared solutions to the challenges of sourcing information-claim verification in an ethical way, and reporting stories that emerge online. The newspaper publishes four editions: Hong Kong, international, Asia, and United States. 

  • Tammy Tam Wai YeeEditor-in-Chief
  • Chow Chung-YanExecutive editor
  • Zuraidah IbrahimExecutive managing editor
  • Brian RhoadsManaging editor


South China Morning Post
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