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The Globe and Mail is a print and online daily Canadian newspaper covering world, political and business news.

In addition to its focus on political and business news, the Globe and Mail also covers social issues, arts, life, culture and sports. The publication aims to present objective stories on issues most important to its Canadian audience. 

  • David WalmsleyEditor in Chief
  • Sinclair StewartDeputy Editor
  • Angela PacienzaExecutive Editor
Globe and Mail

Best Practices Policies

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The publication aims to inspire and inform Canadians through honest journalism and be an audience-focused organization by putting its readers' needs first. The Globe and Mail strives to deliver a superior experience based on responsible, sustainable business practices, and independent ownership.


The Globe and Mail seeks to be honest, accurate and objective. The publication aims to provide reasonable accounts of competing views in any controversy. Its policy states it does not tolerate the invention or falsification of quotes, sources, anecdotes, details or anything else pertaining to the news. The Globe and Mail also commits itself to treating sources who are emotionally vulnerable and unaccustomed to talking to reporters with respect and dignity. 

Ownership & Funding

The Globe and Mail is owned by The Woodbridge Company, the investment arm of the Thomson family.


All significant factual errors will be corrected in stories, graphics, headlines, captions, photographs and other elements that appear in the publication's various platforms. Print corrections for all items are published on page A2 and run in the Globe and Mail's magazines.

Unnamed Sources

Sources should be prepared to speak on the record and should be pressed further if they refuse. Anonymity is only granted by The Globe and Mail through the editor-in-chief or senior editorial managers to protect a source who risks retribution if identified. If granted, it is made clear to sources that anonymity may, on rare occasions, be compromised beyond the publication's control due to external factors.

Direct quotes should not be attributed to anonymous sources, but should be paraphrased and cannot include personal attacks. In rare circumstances a direct anonymous quote will be allowed with the approval of a senior editorial manager. 

The Trust Project

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations building standards of transparency and working with technology platforms to affirm and amplify journalism’s commitment to transparency, accuracy, inclusion and fairness so that the public can make informed news choices. It was founded and is led by award-winning journalist Sally Lehrman.

Our Funders

Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist, was our original funder, through the Trustworthy Journalism Initiative of Craig Newmark Philanthropies. Google followed with their financial support. Our funders also have included Democracy Fund, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and Facebook. Funders. Trust Project policies and the Trust Indicators are shaped and enforced independently from our funding sources.

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